Best game in the world for android

Best game in the world for android

Best game in the world for android– Welcome to the article ‘best game in the world for android‘. Play store and other sites are filled with thousands of games, in such a way it’s difficult to find out good games. Because of this, we have brought some best games in this article ‘best game in the world for android’. So You don’t need to wander somewhere else. Let’s check some best game in the world for Android.

1. Nova legacy

Best game in the world for android

In just 35 MB, the Nova legacy gives you excellent experience over shooting games. Whether you have low spec mobile or flagship, the game won’t disappoint you.

The 3D sci-fi FPS N.O.V.A. Legacy is one of the best shooting game under 50 MB. The game features advanced graphics and great sounds.

Play store–”Kal Wardin, our hero, is a veteran N.O.V.A. marine, summoned once again to don his Mobile Armored Suit and strike against the enemies of the Colonial Administration forces.
Helped by Yelena, his personal AI Agent, Kal must protect humanity’s destiny by engaging in combat against alien invaders while uncovering the mystery behind their sudden assault.”

The game features a story mode, shadow missions and special ops.
Moreover, you can also play multiplayer against real players in two modes – Deathmatch and team Deathmatch(4v4). You get the customization option for your marine with a variety of special 3D models and skins.


PUBG is one of the Best game in the world for android

In multiplayer games, the Pubg Mobile is one of the best game in the world for Android. 
PUBG MOBILE is a famous multiplayer game on mobile phones. 
‘PUBG MOBILE is the international version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Exhilarating. Except this time, it’s tied to your Google Play account, so you don’t need to create a WeChat or QQ account.
In the game, you participate in a Battle Royale with more than 100 real players where only one will come out alive. If you want to make it, you’ll have to move around the island collecting the best equipment and weapons you can find distributed around the map. And you better be quick, because the play area reduces in size every few minutes.
Pretty much all of the elements from the PC version of PUBG are present. The controls have been well adapted to touch screen devices, as have the other objects and interactive elements in the game. You can enter buildings, drive vehicles, equip scopes, use first aid kits, vault over walls, etc.
In the settings for the game, you can modify the graphics settings, adapting them to the capabilities of your device. You can also customize the controls, both when you’re on foot and behind the wheel of a vehicle.
PUBG MOBILE is a fantastic adaptation of the original PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, and just like the original you can enjoy several different game modes: solo, duo, or squads. If you do play with friends, you can even talk to them using your device’s microphone.
PUBG MOBILE is one of the best and famous multiplayer game in Android and IOS. The game is not made for low-end devices, if you try to play this game on low-end devices then you will face lagging and frame drop’-by uptodownuptodown
This is the screenshot of the PUBG mobile

3. WWE 2K

Best game in the world for android







WWE 2k is a popular and premium game, you’ll have to pay to play this game. It is one of the best WWE games for Android and IOS. The game will give a feels you that you are in a wrestling ring of WWE and the power, emotions and the intensity that’s all in your hands. It is a fantastic game, the
Controls of the game are so easy, you can easily attack the opponent by just doing a swap on your mobile screen. Moreover, you can also create a new hero. You can also play this game online multiplayer against real players or friends.

This is the screenshot of WWE 2K


4. Sonic Dash

Best game in the world for android






Sonic Dash is an endless runner game developed by Hardlight and published by Sega

With the 4.5 ratings, the game has been downloaded more than 100 million times in the Play Store.
The Sonic Dash features stunning graphics with endless running mode, how far you can go. In this game, you will face off against two of Sonic’s biggest rivals, the always scheming and cunning Dr. Eggman and the devastatingly deadly Zazz from Sonic Lost World. Moreover, you can Challenge your friends on the leader boards or invite your friends through Facebook to prove who is the best speed runner. The more you play, the more you get rewards.

‘For those who love racing games’

5. Asphalt 9: Legends

This one is the logo of Asphalt 9 legends







Asphalt 9 is the latest game from Gameloft’s Asphalt series. Play store – Asphalt 9: Legends features a top roster of real hypercars for you to drive that is unlike that found in any other game, from renowned car manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. You’re free to pick the dream car you need and race across spectacular locations against rival speed machines around the world. Hit the fast track and leave your limits in the dust to become a Legend of the Track!

In racing, this game is the best game in the world for Android. The game lets you make each car your own with customizations that can include materials, colors, and rims. The career mode features more than 60 seasons and 800 events, as well as in online multiplayer. And become a real Asphalt racer legend by racing against up to 7 rival players from all over the world in the online multiplayer mode.

Best game in the world for android


6. Asphalt 8

A logo of the asphalt 8, that's a superb game







Play store – In Asphalt 8, you’ll race in some of the hottest, most high-performance dream machines ever created, from cars to bikes, as you take them on a global tour of speed. From the blazing Nevada Desert to the tight turns of Tokyo, you’ll find a world of challenge, excitement and arcade fun on your road to the top!

Asphalt 8 features more than 220 high-performance cars and bikes for you to drive. Asphalt 8 has over 40 high-speed tracks in 16 different settings, such as Venice, French Guiana, Iceland, the Nevada Desert & other exciting locations to ride your car or bike across. Asphalt 8 is one of the best game in the world for Android in the Racing Genre.

Lamborghini veneno is flying right now at 250 kmph

7. Real Racing 3

Best game in the world for android







Real Racing 3 really looks so real and fantastic. The game features an ever-expanding roster of officially licensed tracks with 39 circuits at 17 real-world locations, a 43-car grid and over 140 meticulously detailed cars from top manufacturers. Plus Real-Time Multiplayer, Social Leaderboards, Time Trials, night racing, and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer technology. It is a great game and it has been downloaded over 200 million times.

A Lamborghini veneo on Real Racing 3. That's so realistic


8. Fortnite

Best game in the world for android






Fortnite is the most favorite game for PC users in Battle Royale games. ‘In Fortnite Battle Royale, you’re looking at online multi-player combat where 100 players take part in a grisly fight for survival until only one player is left standing. This time, Fortnite Battle Royale comes in an Android adaptation by the hands of Epic Games studio. In good form, none of the original scenes or game system was altered, and are left entirely intact on your smartphone.

The biggest new feature regarding other Battle Royale games is the possibility to create buildings on your game territory. Use them as refuge, search for ammo, and watch your back. You’ll need to pick up base materials in order to put together makeshift walls and ramps. Meanwhile, you’ll need to deal with an invisible barrier that goes from spanning out to shrinking, designed to keep you on your toes and in constant movement throughout each match.

Fortnite Battle Royale is already one of the top games in 2018. Its Android version is timed to steadily increase its massive following of online players across the globe’-by Erika Okumura in uptodown

Best game in the world for android 

9. Asphalt Nitro

Best game in the world for android
Asphalt nitro is a superb game,
it is just like a little brother of asphalt 8. You love the asphalt 8 but you have a low-end device or don’t want to save large game then this is a perfect game for you. The download size of asphalt nitro is just 39 MB. And asphalt nitro features a variety of super and luxurious cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. You even have access to models like the Lamborghini Veneno or Ferrari LaFerrari. In this small size game, even you can customize the cars by adding various improvements and changing the color whenever you want. Asphalt nitro game has a total of eight different game modes. You can challenge the other players in multiplayer.

10. Granny

Best game in the world for android

In horror games, Granny is the best game in the world for Android. “Try and escape from a creepy house full of traps in the first-person horror game Granny. But escaping won’t be easy – the evil ‘grandma’ will come for you at full speed if she hears so much as pin drop.

You can move your character throughout the house with the virtual directional pad on the left side of the screen, and interact with almost anything: open boxes and drawers, hide under beds, pick up keys, deactivate traps, etc.

You only have five days to escape from the house, and you will quickly learn you need all five. If you make any sound at all, the ‘grandma’ will chase you at full speed. Maybe you’ll be able to outrun her, but if she catches you she’ll beat you unconscious. When that happens you’ll wake up back at the beginning and one day will have passed. Don’t let her catch you!

With the constant worry of waking the ‘grandma’ and the intuitive control system, Granny is a great horror game. Can you make it out alive?”-by uptodown

Best game in the world for android

11. Gangster Vegas – mafia game

Best game in the world for android

Gangster Vegas is an action and adventure game in an open world, like Grand Theft Auto, where you control a small-time crook who wants to go up a notch in Las Vegas’s underworld. It’s one of the Best Android gangster games

In Gangster Vegas you can do almost anything you want on the streets of this city. You can attack any passers-by using different types of weapons like machine-guns, shotguns, handguns, and even your own fists. You can also drive all sorts of vehicles, like trucks, police cars, sports cars, and many more.

It's the gameplay of the gangster vegas

12. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

the logo of the greatest game GTA SAN ANDREAS

Who does not know the GTA game, obviously this is an incredible game. GTA San Andreas is one of the most famous game in the world. Once it was one of the favorite game. It was released on 26 October 2004 for PlayStation 2, and on 7 June 2005 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox. Now it is also available for Android and IOS. You won’t feel bored in that game, you will have lots of things to do. The game features more than 200 vehicles and many weapons. you can walk, run, sprint, swim, climb and jump as well as using weapons and various forms of hand-to-hand combat in that game.

13. Vector

Vector 2

Vector 2 is a 2D game developed by NEKKI, in this game, you have to try to escape a research facility full of deadly traps. Lasers, mines, lifts. everything around you is designed to work against you.

The controls are exactly the same as in the first game in the saga. Your character runs forward nonstop. you can buy all sorts of different equipment in this game. your hero can escape a few near-death situations.
Vector 2 is a really fun game that stands out especially for its smooth animations. Your character can runs, jumps, and crouches with some fantastic movements.

‘For those who love shooting games’

14. Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4 is a greatest shooter game on the World but it's a great premium game






In shooting games, Modern Combat 4 is the best game in the world for android in shooting games genre. If you are looking for one of the best gaming FPS action on Android, look no further than modern combat 4. Modern Combat 4 has a better story than Modern Combat 5, you will definitely love modern combat 4.

Best game in the world for android

15. Modern Combat 5

Best game in the world for android

Gameloft’s Modern Combat series is the best FPS series for the action shooter games. Modern Combat 5 is one of the best multiplayer shooting games. This game features many weapons, classes and different types of cores which helps increase abilities. You can customize and level up any of the 9 classes across solo play and team play modes.
The Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, Kommander and Marauder class makes modern combat 5 more interesting. You can also activate class-specific skills by earning and spending Skill Points.
Moreover, modern combat 5 features Intense solo play campaign.

16. Dead Effect 2

It's the gameplay of the gangster vegas





Dead Effect 2 is an action-packed sci-fi zombie FPS with the potential to give you the worst nightmares of your life.
In this game, You are going to explore a vast spaceship with very diverse environments and meet all kinds of enemies.

You’ll meet zombies, cyborgs, mutants, soldiers, and more! The game also enables you to customize and improve your character – there are three main characters to choose from, and an RPG touch is always nice, right? And what’s even better – all this comes with a pretty bow on top which says “multiplayer mode”. State-of-the-art graphics is also a bonus.

The story takes place aboard ESS Meridian, in the not-so-distant future. You are a weapon, created to fight without fear and without mercy. You think you have seen it all, but soon you find out that you are facing an enemy like none before. If you are a zombie game lover then you must try this game.

Best game in the world for android

17. Cover Fire: offline shooting games for free

It's a good game with a lot of action


It is a great offline shooting game with good graphics. The game has several characters to choose from and a magnificent collection of weapons to fight off enemies. Every character has a different ability that can be used in various battle situations. Moreover, you can upgrade characters to making them more faster and stronger to fight. It is one of the best game.Best game in the world for android

18. Hitman Sniper

Best game in the world for android





Hitman sniper is a unique game where you play the character of the famous Agent 47. You’ll have to kill all the enemies before they find and kill you. Sometimes weather changes can make enemies hard to kill.
Hitman sniper features more than 150 missions and 10 different contracts. You have to collect weapon parts to unlock the powerful 16 unique guns.

Best game in the world for android

19. Shadowgun Legends

Best game in the world for android





Shadowgun Legends is a free mobile first-person shooter video game developed and published by Madfinger Games for Android and iOS devices.
Experience an epic story campaign, competitive and cooperative multiplayer, and an innovative social hub, all in one game!

In the game, In the futuristic world of Shadowgun Legends, humanity is under attack from a deadly alien invader. The last line of defence is the Shadowgun, legendary warriors and heroes. You are a young Shadowgun recruit with limitless potential who can turn the tide of war. So what are you waiting for? Join the fight and show the galaxy who’s boss! Download it now if you are interested.

20. Gun War: Shooting Games

Best game in the world for android

Gun war: shooting games is small size offline free game. It contains mature content and also optional in-app purchases for real money. This game features good control and excellent features. Moreover, the game supports more than 15 languages.

Moreover, the game features more than 50 scenes and maps and more than 50 weapons including the heavy weapon. You can also upgrade your weapons. Overall the game is good and easy to understand.

Best game in the world for android

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