Best Sports Games for Android and IOS

Best Sports Game for Android and IOS

Fifa Soccer

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“FIFA Soccer is the new version of the classic FIFA for the 2017-2018 season. It brings you a new design centered on making the most of the mobile gaming experience. This edition offers a new gameplay that you can learn by going through the tutorial that touches on all the new aspects. Aside from the new gameplay, FIFA Soccer also offers tons of new content that lets you enjoy hours of soccer, either alone or with other players.

One of the things that stands out in FIFA Mobile is the attack mode where you can play matches against other users all over the world by taking turns. The thirty different leagues and the possibility to play in cooperation mode are just a few more strong points of this version. Thanks to these new features, you can enjoy FIFA like you never have before.

Although FIFA Soccer doesn’t include career mode, it does have season mode where you can try to get your team to the top of the scoreboard in any of the 30 leagues you have available. Furthermore, there’s a news system that can help keep you up-to-date with everything happening in the world of soccer and you can enjoy tons of mini-games that help you improve and expand your roster. Experience a new way of playing soccer on your device with FIFA Mobile.
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NBA 2K18 

NBA 2k18 is premium game, it’s not free. It is the action packed basketball game with new fun features and improvements. NBA 2k18 features such as a deeper MyCAREER mode, “The Association” mode, and new 2K Beats Soundtrack.
The game size is 2.3 GB, which is too large. If you can’t download this game because of game size or it is paid game then you can go for NBA live mobile which is free.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

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NBA LIVE Mobile is a 3D basketball game developed by Electronic Arts. Thanks to its official NBA licenses, you can find real teams like the Bulls, Lakers, and Cavaliers; and even play as Kevin Garnett, Stephen Curry, Dwayne Wade, or other star players.

The controls are pretty complicated, and for that reason, NBA LIVE Mobile provides an extensive tutorial that explains how to pass, block, dribble, and of course, shoot the ball. You need to master these movements if you want to have a chance against the computer-controlled teams.

In NBA LIVE Mobile, you can play regular games with four quarters against other NBA teams, and also participate in daily events. In these types of events, you can play in specific competitions: foul shots, slam dunks, etc. Plus, you can earn special cards.

Just like in the mobile versions of FIFA, in NBA LIVE Mobile, you can put together your own team using different cards. You can purchase more cards with the money you earn within the game itself, or with real money.

NBA LIVE Mobile is one of the few great basketball games available on Android. Thanks to the usual excellent work from Electronic Arts, you can also find outstanding presentation and graphics.
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EA Sports UFC

EA Sports: UFC is the official video game of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), the biggest and most important mixed martial arts company in the world, and the meeting point of some of the most prestigious (and dangerous) fighters in the world.

In this video game, exclusive for touch screen devices, the players can control more than 70 fighters from the UFC circuit that they can train and help learn different special skills to use during combats. As in most Android games, you’ll only have access to one fighter at first and have the opportunity to unblock more as you continue to play.

Once you choose your fighter and jump into the octagon (the ring in the UFC is octagonal), you can experience the intuitive control system created by EA. Through a combination of taps and swipes on the screen, you can carry out all types of attacks; from jabs and upper cuts, to combos and floor attacks. The key is in knowing when and how to attack your enemies.

EA Sports: UFC is a realistic fighting game that offers a well-adapted gameplay for touchscreen devices and absolutely spectacular graphics. The best part is that it has access to all of the official licenses of the UFC.
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Golf Clash

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Golf Clash is a 3D golf game where you compete in quick matches against other players online. Each game lasts less than five minutes: two or three hits and you’ll most definitely have finished the hole.

The gameplay in Golf Clash is really simple. When it’s your turn, you just have to touch the ball and slide your finger down slightly. Then, you have to let the ball go at just the right moment to correctly hit it and make it go in the right direction. If you let it go too soon or too late, you’ll send it off course.

Each game you win in Golf Clash gives you coins that you can use to unlock new content. At the beginning of the game, for example, you only have one golf club, but there are dozens of different clubs available for purchase to use in your online games.

Golf Clash is a simple and entertaining golf game that lets you challenge your Facebook friends as well as random opponents. Best of all, the matches last less than 5 minutes, so you can play whenever you have a few free minutes. by uptodown

Madden NFL overdrive football
Score! Hero

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Score! Hero is a soccer game where, instead of controlling an entire team, you can only control one player. Also, instead of playing the entire match, you only participate in a number of key plays in each match.

In some matches, you may be several goals behind and have to try to catch up, while in others, you have to try to score the winning goal in the last minute of the game. The idea is that you’re always participating in the key moments of every game, either by scoring or assisting.

An interesting detail in Score! Hero is that the game is organized into a series of levels which are, in turn, divided into a number of seasons. In each level, you can earn from one to three stars. In some levels, you have to make a goal in the corner of the goalmouth in order to get three stars, while in others you may have to make a goal from twenty meters out.

The gameplay is fairly common for the genre: slide your finger across the screen to trace the path of the ball. This way, you can add effects to the ball and also do headers and other moves.

Score! Hero is a very entertaining soccer game with great graphics. It offers a different gaming experience from other soccer games. In addition, the game has tons of customization options for your player. by uptodown

World Cricket Championship 2

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World Cricket Championship 2 is a 3D cricket game where you can manage one of more than 15 national selections and 10 or so domestic clubs. Plus you can play in more than 20 different stadiums under varying weather conditions.

As if all the teams you can play in World Cricket Championship 2 weren’t enough, the game also lets you customize your own team. You can create a name, pick the colors of your team’s kit, your players’ appearance, and much more. In short you can create your own team from scratch.

The game system in World Cricket Championship 2 is in-depth and realistic. The controls vary depending on whether you’re at bat or in the field. Each player also has all his own attributes and abilities.

World Cricket Championship 2 is a very comprehensive cricket game that has great graphics and a huge number of teams and stadiums. by uptodown

Athletes 2

Athletics 2: Summer Sports is an app in which you can practice Olympic sports at the highest level and compete against players from around the world, trying to win gold. Of all the apps on the market, it certainly has the most possibilities. Not every sport is that great, but it’s still amazing that you can play more than 30 sports with just one app.

The first thing to keep in mind is that Athletics 2: Summer Sports has two ways to play: against the computer or against other users who have already competed. It’s best to start by competing against players of your own level. You can play any of the sports at any time. The app includes four shooting events, four cycling events, six swimming events, and many, many others. It also has several sports you won’t see on any other apps, like trampoline competitions, weightlifting, and the javelin.

Besides all this, you can also participate in competitions in which you have to compete in several different sports to get the gold medal. You’ll have to be the best overall athlete in order to take the lead, or else you won’t even get bronze.

If you want to prove you’re the best athlete in the world in every sport imaginable, play Athletics 2: Summer Sports, the game that lets you practice your favorite sports and win the gold with a little training.
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