Best Cricket Games for Java Mobile

I’ve prepared a list of the best Cricket games for Java mobile. If you have a java supported mobile and looking for cricket games then this article will help you find out the best ones for you. These Java games are fun to play and are good sources to kill your time when you are bored.

These are the best cricket games for java mobile

Hit N Win Cricket

Cricket Games for Java Mobile
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Welcome to the Next Generation of Cricket Gaming on Mobile. Play Hit N Win Cricket to see and experience cricket as you’ve never seen it before! It’s time to be ready for the world’s fastest cricket format. This game allows you to bat at any time. You’ll always be chasing an auto-generated score. You can also select both teams from the main cricket-playing nations in this game. You can choose from three, six, nine, or twelve overs. To play the game, simply hit the randomly popping runs with your finger as rapidly as possible to smash the borders.

If you run out, hit the wicket, caught out, bowled out, or LBW, you may lose the wicket. You’ll earn more runs if you hit wide and don’t bowl. To offer a realistic cricketing experience, the game features excellent graphics and animations for each hitting. Download the most demanding and fun cricket format right now.

Cricket World Trophy 2018

Cricket World Trophy 2018
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Cricket is more than a sport. It’s the ultimate game! The most popular cricket game has returned! Now with an entirely new set of capabilities! So, do you think you’ve got what it takes? Not just to have fun, but to thrive? To get better and win tournaments? Perhaps to become the next hip sport’s legend? You can now attempt this on your mobile device!

Pro Cricket 2018

Cricket Games for Java Mobile
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Pro Cricket 2018 is the Best Cricket game for Java mobile that requires both reflex and talent. In a single match or an international tournament, represent one of eight national teams. Realistic graphics and engaging skill-based gameplay will immerse you in the game like never before.

Cricket Champs League

Cricket Champs League is the most dynamic and diverse mobile cricket game available. This is a game designed specifically for cricket fans! This game allows you to participate in fantastic Indian and international leagues, as well as play leagues for the next five years, select your club, and create your captain. Enjoy the world’s fastest cricket format with four exciting game modes: “Indian league,” “Foreign league,” “10 Over Quick Match with any Indian Franchise,” and “10 Over Quick Match with any Foreign Franchise.”

Play individual matches to polish your batting talents and earn gold against the world’s finest 20-twenty leagues. This game offers aspects that make it more intriguing than other cricket games, such as having to bat at all times and chasing a target set by the chase system. Bowling attack with a face spinner, quick and medium pacer. Over-analysis, ball by ball. An in-depth look at how batsmen and bowlers are performing on the scoreboard. Batting controls are simple and easy, allowing the user to hit the ball in any direction.

Cricket World Trophy 2017

Welcome to this fantastic game made especially for cricket aficionados! Score runs, select teams, hit those sixes, and don’t be caught out in the Cricket World Trophy 2017. Be a Cricket Champion by Batting and Bowling! So, do you believe you possess the necessary skills to win the tournament? You can now enjoy this fantastic sport on your phone or tablet as well! Are you ready to step up and participate in this amazing sport? Do you have what it takes to become the next great cricketer? Do you want to experience what it’s like to be a cricket superstar?

Cricket T20

Tighten your grip on your bat, because your shots are going to blow people’s minds. Cricket T20 is a finer form of the game that appeals to your cricket instincts. Choose your squad, assign overs, and give it your all in the game. The game engages you in Cricket like never before, with simple controls and attractive graphics!

EA Cricket 2011

Win the Cricket World Cup in EA Sports! Choose a national team and compete against computer-controlled opponents to win the event. Cricket aficionados will appreciate the Test Match format’s tough batting and bowling circumstances. Unlock further Challenges in several skill-based categories to better your game, and then utilise your newly sharpened skills to bowl out the opposition. EA Cricket 11 for mobile keeps the spirit of the game alive. Play as though you’re a champion!

Cricket League of Champions

Participate in the last cricket season, form a team, and rise to the top! There are two teams of 11 players apiece. The goal of the game is to score more runs than the other squad. A test is a cricket match that is divided into one or more sections. Each of these sections is referred to as an innings. One team returns the ball once every innings, while the other team sends the ball once.

EA Cricket 2010

Improve your abilities by practising in the nets. You can play a one-day international game or engage in a tournament around the world. Take on the three challenges of Cricket 101, The Art Of Cricket, or Heroes, and then utilise your newly acquired talents to smash it for six and bowl out the opposition with EA Cricket 10 on your smartphone.

Cricket T20 World Championship

With intuitive gameplay and simple controls, this game brings the fast-paced and intense sensation of Cricket to your mobile phone. This game captures the actual essence of Cricket T20: fast scoring, combating crunch circumstances, and clever skill displays. Six top-tier stadiums from across the world are included, with day/night and weather options, pitch settings, active cheerleaders, and cinematic replays to keep the mood alive.

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