How to play Pubg smoothly

How to play Pubg smoothly on Android

Pubg is now one of the most famous game for mobile. It has currently largest active users right now. The game has seen over 600 million downloads and boasts of 50 million daily active users.
But the main question is why Pubg runs slow or drop frames in some mobile phones.
It really disappoints us when our game starts stuttering in the middle of the game, and sometimes all the time. The main reason of lagging game is a weak GPU of those smartphones. The GPU of weak chipsets can’t run heavy games such as PUBG on smooth FPS. But still there are some tricks that help to reducing game lag. These tricks will help you to play Pubg smoothly.

Steps to play pubg smoothly

The first step is, delete old and unused apps. You can delete all those applications which are not used. You can also uninstall unimportant apps. Because having more apps make mobile phone slow. That consume RAM and storage which doesn’t let game run on high FPS.

Restart your phone before playing PUBG.

When your game starts lagging or before you go to play Pubg, you can restart your phone. Because When we restart the phone, then our phone clears all the RAM (Random Access Memory) and then loads up the Operating System again. The redundant apps that were being loaded and consuming RAM would be cleared. That’s the reason restarting phone is a good choice if a phone freezes, misbehaves or before playing games.

Try some booster apps

You can also try some booster apps.
Booster apps kill all the redundant apps from background memory that consume RAM amd space. These apps free up space and RAM to improve its performance. You can also manually select processes if Memory Booster kills some of your important apps running in the background.
Take a look at ZOBUZ article to see some game boosters that instantly boost your phone and make it faster

Try this tool to unlock extreme FPS setting

The final step is you need to download PUB Gfx Tool Free for PUBG tool. This app unlocks all the graphics and FPS settings. But remember to keep your graphics at smooth performance and FPS setting on extreme or higher. You can also enable potato graphics to get more smooth experience. But this features will decrease texture quality of them game.

How to play Pubg smoothly
Graphics setting
How to play Pubg smoothly on Android
FPS Setting


These all tips will improve your FPS performance, but it will never make your game so smooth like butter. These all tips may not work in too old or too weak smartphones.
If these tricks still don’t work in your smartphone then the only choice would left is buying a new phone which has a good chipset.

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