Top 10 Waptrick Sports Games for your Mobile Phone

In this article, we have enlisted some of the most entertaining Waptrick Sports Games that you can play on your mobile phone. Since mobile phones can be carried anywhere and are actually carried everywhere, you can keep yourself entertained with these games anywhere and anytime. Playing these video games will virtually make you experience different sports like football, cricket, tennis and baseball through games like Real Football 2018, Pro Cricket 2019, Tennis Pro 2020 and Baseball World Trophy 2017 respectively. Keep reading on to know more about these games. You may also like reading Best Cricket Games for Java Mobile.

Real Football 2018

Real Football 2018
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The first game on our list of Waptrick Sports games is Real Football 2018. Use the new Agency system to find top players for your dream team! Your squad can compete against other teams from all over the world in asynchronous PvP mode. Improve your team’s facilities, such as stadiums, training grounds, and rehabilitation areas.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (PES 2011)

Waptrick Sports Games
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is another Waptrick Sports game on our list (PES 2011). Prepare to play the best football ever with the new and improved PES 2011! In first-class competitions such as the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League, lead world-famous teams to success. Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned pro, you’ll have complete control over the game and a high level of realism. The enhancements made to this year’s edition of the award-winning football simulation will allow you to play with complete flexibility on your smartphone.

Pro Cricket 2019

Pro Cricket 2019 is a straightforward sports game that emphasises reflex and talent. In single matches or world competitions, represent one of eight national teams. You’ll be enveloped in charming old-school aesthetics and fascinating skill-based gameplay!

Pro Cricket 2019
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Real Football 2010

Prepare for a new football season with Real Football, the industry standard for mobile football games. Choose from 245 teams in 8 leagues with players from all walks of life. Discover a variety of fresh and unique game modes. Lead your club to the championship and make trades to bring in the best players, or use Enter The Legend mode to modify the way you play. Play as your favourite player on the field for the duration of the match and manage your pro football career in this mode. In the RF League, you can compete against pals through Bluetooth or the entire world. Real Football Manager’s custom-trained team can also be transferred.

Tennis Pro 2020

The tennis world’s excitement and flare are waiting for you! Take up a racquet and ace your way through every major tennis tournament on the planet! Can you succeed? Can you handle everything? Train hard, play hard, and you’ll become a legendary figure. Make history by rising to the top. Prove yourself and triumph!

Baseball World Trophy 2017

The “Baseball World Trophy 2017” is another waptrick sports game on our list. The much-awaited 2017 Baseball World Trophy is back and better than ever! This is the best baseball game for mobile devices, with sharp, clear visuals. As never before, players are exposed to smart, intuitive baseball. Compete in three play styles to progress from rookie to superstar! Get ready to hit it out of the park with fast and intense arcade baseball action at your fingertips.

Baseball vs Zombies 2

The city is infected with a strange virus that has turned the whole population into zombies. The local baseball club has made the decision to eliminate the zombies. Zombies are now advancing in the baseball stadium. Prepare to protect the stadium while also killing zombies. The squad players in the stadium are your only defence. To kill zombies, use hitters, pitchers, coaches, cheerleaders, and ball machines. For mob killing and Danger nullification, use Grass Cutter, Team Attack, and Chopper.

Street Basketball

Take pleasure in this one-of-a-kind basketball game! In 1v1 bouts, put your duelling instincts to the test! Choose from a variety of characters, each with its own set of abilities. Choose their outfits from the list of options. Develop their stats to make them the top players! To unlock more characters, shoot, block, shove, and dunk your way through tournaments. All basketball fans must have this game!

Cricket Champs League

Cricket Champs League is the most dynamic and diverse mobile cricket game available. This is a game designed specifically for cricket fans! This game allows you to participate in fantastic Indian and international leagues, as well as play leagues for the next five years, select your club, and create your captain. Enjoy the world’s fastest cricket format with four exciting game modes: “Indian league,” “Foreign league,” “10 Over Quick Match with any Indian Franchise,” and “10 Over Quick Match with any Foreign Franchise.” Play individual matches to polish your batting talents and earn gold against the world’s finest 20-twenty leagues.

This game offers aspects that make it more intriguing than other cricket games, such as having to bat at all times and chasing a target set by the chase system. Bowling attack with a face spinner, quick and medium pacer. Over-analysis, ball by ball. An in-depth look at how batsmen and bowlers are performing on the scoreboard. Batting controls are simple and easy, allowing the user to hit the ball in any direction.

Cricket World Trophy 2017

Welcome to this fantastic game made especially for cricket aficionados! Score runs, select teams, hit those sixes, and don’t be caught out in the Cricket World Trophy 2017. Be a Cricket Champion by Batting and Bowling! So, do you believe you possess the necessary skills to win the tournament? You can now enjoy this fantastic sport on your phone or tablet as well! Are you ready to step up and participate in this amazing sport? Do you have what it takes to become the next great cricketer? Do you want to be a Cricket Squirrel?

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