Why iPhone x is the best mobile phone for gaming

Why iPhone x is the best mobile phone for gaming

iPhone X is a best gaming mobile phones in the world


Today, there are lots of high-end devices, which handle heavy games without any problems. But which one is best? The iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and OnePlus 6 are doing an outstanding job. All these flagships have too good AMOLED display and high-end processor. There are different advantages to each device. iPhone X has the most powerful A 11 Bionic SoC, OnePlus 6 features dash charging and it is much cheaper than both, and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has the best camera. Of course, you would prefer Oneplus 6, if you do not want to spend a lot of money or you do not have big-budget. iPhone X seems a good choice over other smartphones but how and why iPhone X is the best mobile for gaming. Let’s see.

If you are game lover and love to play high graphics games then you’ll need a good processor with large quality display and durable battery in your mobile phone. Obviously, you won’t enjoy any game on a small display or your mobile battery is draining fast…
Let’s talk about, why iPhone X is the best mobile phone for gaming.

‘Apple’s Chipset makes it different and powerful from all’

This the Apple's chip A 11 Bionic, and iPhone X is the best gaming mobile phones in the world


Apple’s A11 Bionic chip is much ahead than all the Chipsets with a margin of more than 10000 scores obtained in Geekbench for the multi-core test results, not only in benchmarks, it is fast in the real-life test also.
Apple’s A11 Bionic chip is the most powerful processor ever in the mobile phone. It is 30% faster than previous Apple’s A10 Fusion chip used in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. A11 Bionic chip also powers the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. The chipset is a six-core CPU and Apple says this by promising 25% faster speeds on the two performance cores and four remaining high-efficiency cores that promise up to a 70% faster performance. 
According to Geekbench, the Apple’s A11 Bionic has been able to get 4065 points in the performance test for a single core, reaching 10,112 points in the multi-core test.

iPhone X OLED display is the best

iPhone X
The display on a smartphone is the most important element because it is the part of your phone that you interact with all the time. Apple LCD displays have always been great, but this year’s iPhone X OLED panel is the best. Apple’s 5.8 OLED display makes it more attractive for gamers. The display looks brighter and offers wider viewing angles than other top mobiles. You won’t enjoy games in a small 5.0-inch display or low-quality display. Even you can’t use control properly in small size display, especially in shooting games, where you need to customize the HUD setting. Poor quality of display always gives the bad experience of gaming. iPhone X’s display isn’t 6.2 inches too large but it’s perfect for gamers with super retina screen.

Long battery life

it does really irritates a lot when the battery drains fast while playing games but iPhone won’t let you feel down. iPhone X is powered by 2716 mAh battery. While playing multiplayer games, battery drains by 13% after playing 60 minutes. It gives an extraordinary performance during standby, iPhone x does not loose even 2 percent battery for many hours in standby, when there is no running app. Even Apple’s App store has some advantages, it has higher quality apps. Sometimes a game first comes to app store then it goes to android. Even some games are available only for IOS. Fortnite is a good example, Apple’s App Store seems to be focusing on games, while the Play Store is filled with photo editing and education apps.

However, Some people hate the iPhone for its high price and it’s not compatible with anything. Even you can’t customize your apps on the home screen, but there are some tricks. And some other people troll the iPhone for no reason.

if you have big-budget, then you really must go to this beast device. If you are confused or can’t afford that much budget, then you can come down to Android mobile phones.

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